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Find out if your pet is eligible to enroll in a clinical study.

By participating in a clinical trial, your pet gains access to treatment that may improve their quality of life and musculoskeletal health. What we learn from your animal’s participation also translates to human medicine, helping advance treatment options for people with arthritis.

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Through prevention, diagnostics, and non-surgical treatment options, we aim to improve quality of life for companion animals of all ages by restoring mobility, alleviating pain, and improving fitness. Our board-certified specialists see companion animals with all types of joint, muscle, and tendon injuries and diseases, including arthritis and canine cruciate ligament injury.

If your pet does require surgical intervention, we partner with the hospital’s orthopedic surgery service to develop the best treatment plan.


Orthopedic medicine

We offer thorough orthopedic evaluations, diagnostics, and non-surgical treatment options for pets experiencing impaired mobility. In addition, we can help prevent joint and muscle disease and improve overall function through regular screenings that may include objective gait analysis and integrated weight management programs.

Physical therapy and rehabilitation

We provide evaluations, treatments, and home exercise programs to promote the highest level of functionality or sports activity.

Specialized technology

We use state-of-the-art technology to provide an accurate diagnosis for your animal and offer a variety of novel treatment options for orthopedic conditions.

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Consider participating in a clinical trial to help our veterinarians discover new detection and treatment options for animal illnesses.

Support service, research, and teaching Your gift allows us to grow and maintain the nation’s first orthopedic medicine and mobility service. The Discretionary fund helps maintain the staff and equipment needed to offer state-of-the-art non-surgical treatment options for acute and chronic mobility concerns in pets, while the Clinical Trial Enhancement fund ensures that we can continue researching novel treatments for mobility concerns. Give now