Shana Gillette

Affiliate Clinical Sciences

About Shana

Dr. Gillette is an assistant professor of risk communication in population health. Her primary focus is on the development of concepts, theory, and practice in support of One Health (integration of animal, human, and environmental health). She also studies how to best quantify the role of communication processes in quality outcomes for innovative, systems-based research. Currently, she is Co-PI and Co-Director of a five-year, $15 million USAID-funded program, Adapting Livestock Systems to Climate Change. As the Co-Director, she fosters interdisciplinary research collaboration and builds international research capacity in South Asia and Africa.


PhD, University of Washington, Communication, 1998MA, University of Missouri-Columbia, Journalism, 1991BA, University of Iowa, Botany and History, 1986


Fulbright Scholar, Paris, France
Science Journalism Fellow, Science Journalism Center, Columbia, Missouri
Sorbonne. Certificat Pratique de Langue Francais
Spring 1988, Paris, France


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Research Specialty

Small Animal Exclusive/Predominant (including pet exotics) Wildlife/Zoo