Marisa Harton

Research Associate IV Microbiology, Immunology, and Pathology


(970) 492-4470

About Marisa

Ms. Harton is a Research Associate IV, and the Laboratory Manager for Dr. Belisle. She has a BS  in Bacteriology and Clinical Laboratory Practice. She worked in clinical laboratory practice in Columbia and Switzerland. In 2001, Ms. Harton began performing research in the field of infectious diseases when she joined the laboratory of Dr. Carolina Barillas-Mury to study malaria. In 2003, her research focused on tuberculosis under the direction of Dr. Ian Orme, and in 2012, Ms. Harton joined the laboratory of Dr. John Belisle, where she has studied multiple diseases (Tularemia, Tuberculosis, Leprosy and Lyme disease). Ms. Harton possesses expertise in bacterial culture, qRT-PCR and 2-dimensional PAGE, as well as general laboratory practice and safety. Currently, Ms. Harton’s primary responsibilities include the management of large repositories of clinical samples for ongoing research studies in the Belisle Laboratory, coordinating clinical sample acquisition with external collaborators, training of undergraduate students, and management of day-to-day laboratory operations as the Laboratory Manager.