Matthew Johnston

Professor – Avian, Exotic, and Zoological Medicine Clinical Sciences


(970) 297-4218

About Matthew

Clinical Interests: Avian, reptile, and small mammal medicine and surgery Research Interests: Conservation of endangered species, international outreach and capacity building Dr. Johnston's current position allows him to dig deeper into student learning, novel and innovative teaching delivery methods and pedagogy, and student outcomes in the DVM program


VMD, University of Pennsylvania, 1999BS, John Carroll University, 1995


American Board of Veterinary Practitioners, Avian specialty


Han S, Dadone L, Ferguson S, Bapodra-Villaverde P, Dennis PM, Aruho R, Sadar MJ, Fennessy J, Driciru M, Muneza AB, Brown MB, Johnston M, Lahmers K. Giraffe skin disease: Clinicopathologic characterization of cutaneous filariasis in the critically endangered Nubian giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis camelopardalis). Veterinary Pathology 59[3]. 2022. Pp. 467-475.Hasse K, Crawford A, Gustafson D, Rao S, Klaphake E, Johnston M. Plasma concentrations and pharmacodynamics of intramuscular administration of alfaxalone in peafowl (Pavo cristatus). Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine 53[1]. 2022. Pp. 108-115.Dadone L, Foxworth S, Aruho R, Schilz A, Joyet A, Barrett M, Morkel P, Crooks G, Fennessy J, Johnston MS. Foot shape and radiographs of free-ranging Nubian giraffe in Uganda. 2021. PLoS ONE 16(12): e0252929.

Research Specialty

Pet Exotics Exclusive/PredominantWildlife/Zoo