Jessica Elf

Assistant Professor, Epidemiology Environmental and Radiological Health Sciences

147 Environmental Health Building

(970) 491-3878

About Jessica

Dr. Elf’s research focuses on the epidemiology and health impacts of air pollution and tobacco use, with an emphasis on the HIV and tuberculosis (TB) co-epidemic. Her work aims to describe the overlap of air pollution and tobacco with these epidemics and the subsequent impact on TB and HIV health outcomes. In addition to risk characterization, her work focuses on subsequent mitigation strategies and interventions that are effective, sustainable, and collaborative across different fields in public health. Through the integration of environmentally focused epidemiologic studies in these targeted populations, Dr. Elf aims to facilitate and catalyze leaders from fields external to environmental health to champion exposure reduction through the lens of their own public health interests. Furthermore, she strives to build capacity and generate quality research that motivates policy and sustainable programs to improve health at the individual, district, country, and global level.


Ph.D. - Global Disease Epidemiology, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, 2016M.P.H., Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, 2009B.S. - Nutrition, University of Florida, 2004