David Twedt

Professor Clinical Sciences


About David

Dr. David C. Twedt graduated from Iowa State University and entered an internship and medicine residency in gastroenterology at The Animal Medical Center in New York City. Dr. Twedt then joined the staff of the Animal Medical Center and was also a research associate at the Liver Research Center of Albert Einstein Medical School. He then joined the Faculty at Colorado State University and the Department of Clinical Sciences where he is a Professor.


DVM, Iowa state University, 1972


Diplomate ACVIM


1. P. Boscan, E. Monnet, K. Mama, D.C. Twedt, J. Congdon, E.P. Steffey. Maropitant an NK-1 Antagonist Decreases the Anesthetic Requirements During Visceral Stimulation of the Ovary in Dogs. Am J Vet Research, accepted and in press Marloff A, Gibbons DS, Twedt DC: Ultrasonographic findings of feline cholangitis. JAAHA, Accepted 2010.Boscan P, Cogdon J, Monnet E, Mama K, Twedt D, Steffey EP: A dog model to study ovarian ligament and visceral nociception: J Vet Anesthesia and Analgesia. Accepted and in press.Willard MD, Moore GE, Denton BD, Day MJ, Mansell J, Bilzer T, Wilcock B, Gualtieri M, Olivero D, Lecoindre P, Twedt DC, Collett MG, Hall EJ, Jergens AE, Simpson JW, Else RW, Washabau RJ. Effect of tissue processing on assessment of endoscopic intestinal biopsies in dogs and cats. J Vet Intern Med. 2010 Jan-Feb;24(1):84-9

Research Specialty

Small Animal Exclusive/Predominant (including pet exotics)Clinical specialityResearch interest