William Brazile

Professor and Director, OSHA Consultation Program Environmental and Radiological Health Sciences

150 Environmental Health Building

(970) 491-4272

About William

Dr. Brazile is passionate about occupational health and safety and is dedicated to training future occupational health practitioners. He has more than 20 years of experience in the environment, safety, and health (ES&H) field. Dr. Brazile is the Director of the CSU Industrial Hygiene Training Program and the Director of the Colorado OSHA Consultation Program. Bill teaches five occupational health and safety courses within the Occupational and Environmental Health Section. His research interests include occupational noise exposure, ES&H management systems, and general industrial hygiene. Before joining CSU in 2005, Dr. Brazile worked at Los Alamos National Laboratory for 10 years and acquired field experience in a variety of ES&H roles.


Ph.D. - Environmental Health, Colorado State University, 1996M.S. - Applied Natural Science, Colorado State University, 1992B.S. - Biology, Colorado State University, 1990


Certified Industrial Hygienist
Certified Safety Professional


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