Kayl Ecton

Microbiology, Immunology, and Pathology

About Kayl

Kayl Ecton is a Cell and Molecular Biology PhD student co-mentored by Drs. Zaid Abdo and Gregg Dean. Her introduction into research began her freshman year of her undergraduate degree during an FDA Honors course with Dr. Mark Brown. Her undergraduate work included investigating how what we eat influences our gut microbiota and thereby the development of cardiovascular disease. During an international internship at McGill University in Canada under Dr. Marie Kmita she studied embryonic development and HOXA genes. Her graduate work will focus on novel strategies for vaccinating neonates while investigating immunology and the microbiota through a bioinformatics lens. In her spare time you can find Kayl with her beloved family and pets, in the mountains, boxing, outdoors or traveling around the world.


B.S. Biochemistry, Colorado State University, 2019B.S. Biology, Colorado State University, 2019B.S. Neuroscience , Colorado State University, 2019B.A. Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts , Colorado State University, 2019B.A. Languages, Literatures and Culture - French, Colorado State University, 2019