Emma Bovaird

Microbiology, Immunology, and Pathology


About Emma

Emma Bovaird is an undergraduate biochemistry major and honors student at Colorado State University. They are also minoring in both chemistry and nutrition, due to their interest in pharmaceutical development and human health. Their sophomore year she also joined the Program for Research in Immunology and Microbiology Education (PRIME) group and became an undergraduate teacher’s assistant for CSU’s introductory genetics lab (LIFE 203) and introductory cell biology lab (LIFE 212). They have found a passion for teaching and science communication, the latter of which she continues to foster as a part of the Ryan Lab. She is currently developing her thesis surrounding the gut-brain-axis and the potential impacts of rice bran on the sensorimotor stage of child brain development. They intend to continue exploring the impact of nutrition on various aspects of the body, particularly its role in disease prevention.