Michala Henriksen

Affiliate Clinical Sciences


About Michala

Michala is originally from Denmark and has lived in the United States since 2009. Her research background and interest in ocular inflammation and microbiology were established during her internship and PhD research training at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark. Her research interest is immunotherapy of ocular diseases, such as anterior uveitis, as well as ocular microbiology with a focus on infected corneal ulcerations. It is especially canine anterior uveitis and how to decrease complications from natural-induced uveitis such as phacoemulsification (cataract surgery) that holds her research interest, but she is also involved in research with chronic uveitis (equine recurrent uveitis – ERU) in the Icelandic horse, infected corneal ulcerations in all species, and descriptive studies including normal microbiology conjunctival flora in exotic species.