Andrew Everitt

Clinical Sciences

About Andrew

Andrew is a second bachelors student in the Biology department. After completing his first bachelors in Equine Sciences at CSU in 2018, he worked in the equine industry training and rehabilitating injured horses for several years. In 2021, he began a second bachelors in Biology after being intrigued by a unique rehab case involving Actinomyces he treated in conjunction with veterinarians at the CSU VTH. He is currently a research assistant in Dr. Raabis' lab at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital examining non-antibiotic immune stimulants in pre-weaned dairy calves. He has spent the last year as one of the ULA's for MIP300, where he has discovered a passion for teaching. He is keen to pursue graduate level education in Microbiology to continue researching and teaching topics in Microbiology.


B.S., Colorado State University, 2018