Veterinary Blood Bank

Our veterinary blood bank supplies hospital patients with canine and feline whole blood, packed red blood cells, and fresh frozen plasma. When canine and feline patients need a transfusion, the hospital relies on blood donations from owner-volunteered dogs and cats.

Join the blood donor program

We are seeking well-tempered canine donors, especially greyhounds or shepherd breeds, as they typically have a universal blood type. Other breeds may apply. DNA testing can determine if your dog is a universal blood donor.

Donor requirements

  • 1-9 years of age
  • Over 55 pounds
  • Never received blood transfusion before

Routine blood work, blood typing, and infectious disease screening are performed to determine if a donor can be admitted into the program (donors do not incur any expense for this testing). Depending on dietary requirements, donors may qualify for a free bag of pet food at each blood donation.

Contact us

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For questions about the Blood Bank and to find out if your pet is eligible to become a donor.