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How to prepare your pet for a low-stress vet visit

When a person is in a stressful situation, anxiety can manifest itself a lot of different ways: shaking, pacing, fidgeting, blushing – the list goes on. Similarly, animals also exhibit signs of stress, but they often vary from human behaviors. When exposed to a potentially anxiety-inducing situation – like a visit to the veterinarian – […]

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How to give a cat a pill

Learn how to give a cat a pill, including which approach best suits your cat, and some tips and tricks for making giving your cat a pill a little bit easier.

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Preventing dental disease in dogs and cats

The key to preventing dental disease in dogs and cats is brushing their teeth daily. Learn the signs of dental disease and different options for preventing periodontal disease in your pet.

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Is pet insurance right for you and your companion?

When Fido or Fifi gets sick or injured, unexpected medical expenses can create quite a financial strain. Like human health insurance, pet insurance is an option available to help families offset some or all of the costs of medical care.

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Euthanasia considerations

The pain of saying goodbye to our pets is heartbreaking and although no amount of preparation will eliminate that pain, there are some considerations that may help you feel more in control of the situation.

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Protecting your pet from parasites

Although Colorado has a climate that doesn’t encourage pet parasites as much as climates in the South, it’s still critical to protect your cat and dog from parasites.

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