Immunotherapy for the treatment of corneolimbal squamous cell carcinoma in the horse

The goal of this study is to investigate the safety and efficacy of injectable immunotherapy for treatment of corneolimbal (eye) squamous cell carcinoma in the horse.

Horses will have a perilesional injection of immunotherapy performed around the eye tumor every four weeks for a total of four injections. The injections are performed with standing sedation and topical anesthetic. Photos with measurements of the tumor will be taken at each recheck to monitor the progress of tumor regression.

There is no cost for the injection itself.


corneolimbal squamous cell carcinoma

eligibility information

Horses diagnosed with corneolimbal squamous cell carcinoma, a tumor on the eyeball itself, and are otherwise healthy are eligible for enrollment in the study.

Enrollment Deadline

Enrollment ends July 1, 2025

contact information

Think your horse may have ocular squamous cell carcinoma? Contact Dr. Kathryn Wotman or have your veterinarian reach out to us.