Comparison of oral flunixin, acetaminophen, or a flunixin-acetaminophen combination for the treatment of ocular pain in the horse

Eye injuries or diseases in horses cause pain and discomfort, and we are studying different methods of pain management for these cases in order to improve horse welfare.

Acetaminophen (Tylenol) and Flunixin (Banamine) are two drugs that are used to help treat pain. This study will determine if there is a benefit to using one, the other, or both in horses with naturally occurring eye pain.


Owners will receive a $500 credit on their hospital bill if their horse is enrolled in the study.


painful eye conditions

eligibility information

Horses with eye discomfort due to a variety of conditions (corneal ulcers, uveitis) that are otherwise systemically healthy with normal bloodwork (complete blood count and serum chemistry) may enroll. Horses should not have received other types of oral NSAIDs (Banamine, Bute, Equioxx) for at least 24 hours prior to enrolling in the study.

Enrollment Deadline

Enrollment ends July 1, 2025

contact information

If you believe your horse may qualify for this study, please email Dr. Kathryn Wotman or contact the Equine Ophthalmology service at (970) 297-5000.