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Fall vaccines and deworming

Fall is a good time to add equine vaccination and deworming to your to-do list. Our Equine Field Service’s equine vaccination guidelines can help horse owners determine which vaccination schedule is right for their horse. Core horse vaccines Ideally, all horses in a herd should be on the same vaccination and deworming schedule. This helps […]

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Equine dental care

Proper care of a horse’s teeth is important for proper digestion of feed. This is critical to maintaining healthy body condition, as well as to reduce the risk of choke and colic.

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Protecting your pet from parasites

Although Colorado has a climate that doesn’t encourage pet parasites as much as climates in the South, it’s still critical to protect your cat and dog from parasites.

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Provide preventive care, and parasites won’t bug your buddy

Parasites come in two main varieties, external and internal, but all are bad for your pet’s health. In some cases, they endanger human health as well. With the potential for parasites to harm both animal and human health, veterinarians at Colorado State University consider parasite control a cornerstone of preventive veterinary care.

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