Equine Podiatry

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Opening July 2024

The new equine podiatry service is accepting referrals and scheduling requests for our first appointments in July.

Led by a team of equine podiatrists, veterinarians, and local farriers, the equine podiatry service at CSU is the only one of its kind in the Rocky Mountain Region. Our experts are here to address any issue that requires a deep comprehension of the equine hoof, including lameness, limb abnormalities, and preventive care.

Our equine podiatry team has a part-time staff veterinarian/farrier who will be responsible for your horse the moment it walks through the door. Equipped with proper standing surgery facilities and a multitude of therapeutic shoeing supplies, we will have your horse working at their best.

Conditions we treat

CSU’s equine podiatry service combines the skill and knowledge of a veterinarian with the capabilities of a farrier. The integration of medicine and practical application result in the most rapid recovery possible for some of the following pathologies. We work hand-in-hand with your regular providers to ensure the best results for you and your horse.

  • Canker
  • Hoof abscesses
  • Hoof puncture wounds
  • Keratoma
  • Laminitis
  • Navicular syndrome
  • Quarter cracks
  • Quitter
  • Road nails/foreign body removal in the hoof
  • Thrush
  • White line disease


  • Casting: A protective shell of fiberglass, plastic, or plaster combined with a bandage that is molded to the hoof or limb.
  • Corrective procedures for foals: Application of specialized shoes and surgical procedures can help correct conformational faults.
  • Limb perfusion: An antimicrobial therapy delivered to the soft tissue structures, joints, and bones within the distal limb.
  • Radiographs: Images produced on a sensitive plate or film by X-rays.
  • Tenotomy: The surgical cutting of the deep digital flexor tendon at one of two locations in the lower limb – either the pastern or the mid-cannon level.
  • Therapeutic shoeing: The specialized application of horseshoes for a pathological condition.
  • Venograms: A procedure using an X-ray generator and contrast material to view the vasculature of the equine digit.

contact information

Appointments Phone: (970) 297-5000, option 3
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The nation’s first comprehensive equine veterinary podiatry program: Offering research-based care for your horse’s hoof problems, with educational and clinical support for referring veterinarians and farriers.