Treatment of periocular sarcoids in the horse using immunotherapy

The goal of this study is to show the efficacy of injectable immunotherapy for treatment of periocular sarcoids in the horse. Horses with any type of periocular sarcoid may be enrolled in the study. Previous treatments for the sarcoid will be documented. Under standing sedation and topical anesthetic, the immunotherapy will be injected around the sarcoid. You will be asked to take photos daily for seven days to aid in monitoring of the sarcoid after each injection. Horses will return every four weeks for a repeat injection for a total of four treatments. Photos and measurements of the sarcoid will be taken at each visit. The cost of the injection is covered by the study.


periocular sarcoids

eligibility information

Your horse must be systemically healthy on physical exam and blood work (complete blood count and serum chemistry). A biopsy of the sarcoid may be taken prior to the first injection. We ask that you return for each recheck and monitoring visit.

Enrollment Deadline

Enrollment ends September 3, 2024

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