Low-dose radiation therapy in dogs with elbow osteoarthritis

Radiation therapy uses a special form of high energy (ionizing radiation) that is usually used to treat cancer because it disrupts rapidly growing cells. This has been investigated in limited fashion in both dogs and people but has promising results. We are studying the efficacy and longevity of this therapy in canine patients with elbow osteoarthritis. This can be done as 3 or 6 treatments that would occur over 1-2 weeks. These procedures are done under general anesthesia. The treatment of the most affected elbow, anesthesia, pre-anesthesia diagnostics, and radiograph costs are covered under the clinical trial.


At least 4 visits to the Veterinary Teaching Hospital within a 3-week time period and 5 recheck appointments over the following year.



eligibility information

To participate in the trial, dogs must:

  • Have elbow osteoarthritis
  • Weigh over 10kg
  • Be in general acceptable good health
  • Be able to undergo general anesthesia
  • Be able to wear an activity monitoring collar for the duration of the trial
  • Be amenable to objective gait analysis

Enrollment Deadline

Enrollment ends December 31, 2023

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