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Written and reviewed by board-certified veterinarians, find animal care advice and information for companion, exotic, equine, and livestock animals.

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Helping children with pet loss

The death of a family pet is an important time for adults to help children express grief in emotionally healthy ways, free of shame or embarrassment.

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Grieving the loss of a pet

When your pet is no longer with you, either from death or other circumstances, you grieve just as you would any other significant loss in your life.

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How animals grieve

Historically, wild animals have been known to express grief by letting out a yelp, wandering aimlessly, and eventually reorganizing their pack.

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Foal diarrhea: What’s all the stink about?

Diarrhea is a real concern starting just after birth and lasting up to five months of age. In young foals, diarrhea can be harmless (such as foal heat diarrhea) but can become fatal without intervention.

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Hemangiosarcoma in dogs

Hemangiosarcomas are malignant tumors derived from the cells lining blood vessels, and is a common cancer in dogs accounting for approximately 5% of cases.

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