Brain tumor biobanking

Background and purpose of the trial

Childhood and canine brain tumors are thought to have a common etiology of being developmental, rather than environmental; however, there has been an extreme lack of tumor tissue available for analysis to investigate the genetic origins of the tumor. By investigating the genetic origins of a variety of central nervous system tumors, we may be one step closer to finding better treatment options for pediatric and canine brain cancers.

Study design

After a brain tumor has been confirmed on MRI and owners have agreed to move forward with resection of the tumor or a biopsy to confirm tumor type, dogs will undergo anesthesia for surgery. The surgery will be performed as it would have, regardless of trial enrollment, and tumor tissue will be removed. Once tissue has been removed, it will be analyzed by histopathology to confirm diagnosis and the remaining tissue will be processed and stored for submission to the biobank. In addition, a small blood sample (approximately 3 teaspoons) will be collected while the patient is anesthetized to be processed and stored for submission to the biobank. Once all samples have been collected, the patient’s participation in the clinical trial is complete with no trial-specific follow-up needed.


brain tumor

eligibility information

  • Dogs must have a diagnosed brain tumor that is deemed surgically accessible based on MRI
  • Dogs cannot have previously received radiation or chemotherapy
  • Dogs must be otherwise systemically healthy, with no contraindications for anesthesia
  • Owners must be willing to have their pet undergo anesthesia for a biopsy or resection of the brain tumor

Enrollment Deadline

Enrollment ends December 31, 2030

contact information

If interested in enrolling, please contact Breonna Kusick (clinical trials coordinator) at with a brief description of your pet along with your knowledge of their brain tumor and where we can obtain medical records.

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Breonna Kusick
Clinical Trials Coordinator