Maximizing Access to Research Careers Faculty

NameResearch Interest
Abdo, ZaidMicrobiome/metagenomics/computational biology and bioinformatics
Akkina, RameshHIV and Dengue virus, gene and antimicrobial therapies in humanized mouse models and human stem cells
Argueso, J. LucasGenome stability
Belisle, JohnMycobacterium tuberculosis proteins, growth regulation, pathogenesis, immunization targets
Borlee, BradBacterial signaling in the regulation of pathogenesis and biofilm development
Braunstein, MiriamBasic biology and pathogenic mechanisms of mycobacterial pathogens, including Mycobacterium tuberculosis and nontuberculous mycobacteria (NTM)
Chicco, AdamMechanisms and (patho) physiological consequences of altered mitochondrial function and fatty acid metabolism in the context of physiological and pathological stress
Crick, DeanStructure and biogenesis of the cell-wall and lipids of Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Dean, GreggInnate immunity in immunodeficiency virus infections; lactobacillus based vectors to induce mucosal immunity
Dobos, KarenMycobacterium bacterial physiology
Ebel, GregoryArboviral genetic diversity and adaptation to host and vectors
Ehrhart, NicoleBone healing in cancer; mesenchymal stem cell therapy to improve bone allograft survival
Foy, BrianVector biology, arbovirology, interactions at the interface of hosts, vectors and pathogens
Geiss, BrianMolecular virology and biochemistry of mosquito-borne arboviruses
Gonzalez-Juarrero, MercedesImmunology/infectious diseases/aerosol therapy
Gustafson, DanielPharmacologic modalities for cancer treatment, pharmacokinetics, and mathematical modeling
Henao-Tamayo, MarcelaMemory immunity in tuberculosis
Hoerndli, FredCell signaling mechanisms of synaptic maintenance and memory
Jackson, MaryBiosynthetic pathways of M. tuberculosis envelope; agents to prevent nosocomial infection
Kading, RebekahEcology and transmission dynamics of vector-borne pathogens, emerging arboviruses
Kim, SeonilSynapse biology, neuron function, cognition in brain disorders
Magzamen, SherylEnvironmental health science and quantitative methodology applied to chronic diseases
Mathiason, CandaceMother to offspring transmission of prions and viruses and intervention therewith; prions in blood
Mayo, ChristieGenetic and ecological context of pathogens, transmitted by midges
Nordgren, TaraLung toxicology, immunology, lipid signaling, and environmental health
Perera, RushikaImpact of cellular metabolism on arbovirus replication within vertebrate hosts and arthropod vectors
Podell, BrendanDiabetes-tuberculosis comorbidity, pathology
Rao, SangeetaEpidemiology
Regan, DanAnatomic pathology, cancer biology
Robertson, GregoryClinical microbiology, antibacterial discovery
Ryan, ElizabethInteraction between food components, gut microbiome, and immunity
Santangelo, KellyAnimal models of primary and secondary osteoarthritis
Schaeffer, JoshuaOccupational and environmental aerosol exposure assessments
Schountz, TonyVaccine development and immunomodulatory therapeutics for zoonotic viruses
Stenglein, MarkViral evolution, genomics and computational biology of emerging diseases
Thamm, DouglasTyrosine kinase signaling in cancer cells, biomarkers for therapeutics, therapy to enhance chemosensitivity
Tjalkens, RonNeuroinflammation and the role of glial cells in neurodegenerative disorders
Tsunoda, SusanSignal transduction; protein targeting; phototransduction; K+ channel regulation
VandeWoude, SueTrans-species infectivity, and co-evolution of HIV-like retroviruses of domestic and nondomestic felids
Vigh, JozsefRetinal signal processing; optic neurotransmitters and optic nerve degenerative diseases
Wilusz, JeffRNA biology
Woerman, AmandaThe agent and host factors underlying disease pathogenesis in neurodegenerative disease