Infectious Disease Research and Response Training Program Faculty

NameResearch Interest
Abdo, ZaidMicrobial community
Belisle, JohnMycobacterial diseases
Bosco-Lauth, AngelaZoonotic infectious diseases
Bowen, RichardWest Nile virus
Dean, GreggClinical pathology, immunology, microbiome, virology
Dobos, KarenImmunology, mycobacterial diseases
Ebel, GregGenomics, vector biology, virology
Ehrhart, NicoleSmall animal exclusive/predominant (including pet exotics)
Foy, BrianParasitology, vector biology, virology
Geiss, BrianComputational biology, RNA biology, virology
Gonzalez-Juarrero, MercedesImmunology, mycobacterial diseases
Henao-Tamayo, MarcelaImmunology, mycobacterial diseases, pedagogy
Jackson, MaryMycobacterial diseases
Kading, RebekahVector biology, virology
Kirby, MichaelComputational and applied mathematics, optimization and mathematical modeling
Magzamen, SherylEpidemiology
Mathiason, CandaceImmunology, prion biology, virology
Mayo, ChristieClinical pathology, clinical diagnostics, virology
Perera, RushikaVector biology, virology
Podell, BrendanAnatomic pathology, immunology, mycobacterial diseases
Ross, Eric DPrion proteins
Ryan, ElizabethToxicology, cancer biology, nutrition
Tjalkens, RonaldNeurodegenerative disorders
Schountz, TonyImmunology, vector biology, virology
Stenglein, MarkComputational biology, genomics, vector biology, virology
Telling, GlenPrion biology, virology
VandeWoude, SueGenomics, immunology, virology
Wilusz, JeffRNA biology, virology
Wrighton, KellyMicroorganisms, their genomes, and the surrounding environment