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We work at the intersection of human, animal, and environmental health. Our expertise in the life sciences forms the foundation of our biomedical, environmental health, and veterinary research.

To solve complex problems facing our planet, we invest in basic science, applied science, and emerging infectious diseases, and in the discovery and delivery of new vaccines, drugs, and diagnostic tools.

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70% of students work in a research laboratory
3 dozen + ongoing clinical trials
$258 million in research expenditures in FY2018

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Home to diverse biomedical, environmental health, and veterinary research programs that advance science and technology to improve and save lives, our centers and institutes promote scholarship in teaching, training and research, provide academic support services, and perform outreach consistent with the mission of the University.

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When I was in a laboratory as a freshman in college, I did an experiment and I knew that I had made a scientific discovery that no one else knew. I was hooked at that point.

Dr. Sue VandeWoude, Associate Dean for Research

Student Research Opportunities

Undergraduate and graduate students can participate in hands-on learning experiences through mentorship from faculty, and connecting with researchers and peers.

Animal Health Innovation Fund

From developing new drug therapies for common cancers in dogs to better treatments for feline liver failure, the Animal Health Innovation fund catalyzes clinical research to ensure animals live longer, better lives. With help from clinics, veterinarians, alumni, and other generous supporters, our faculty aim to address the increasing demand for relevant research in improving animal health.

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CSU lands $1.2 million in NIH funding to advance work on a new tuberculosis vaccine

At CSU, the research will include a multidisciplinary team of at least 20 researchers, students and staff.

Going viral: Colorado State Magazine profile on Dr. Sue VandeWoude

“Understanding disease dynamics is part of our broader discussions about conservation because supporting a diversity of species creates a more balanced and healthy ecosystem.” -Dr. Sue VandeWoude

Joint Effort: Dr. Wayne McIlwraith profiled in Colorado State Magazine

McIlwraith’s research has contributed to insights and innovations in the prevention and rehabilitation of orthopaedic problems.

JAVMA News: Zoetis opens laboratory at Colorado State

Zoetis Inc. researchers plan to develop immunotherapies for livestock in a 3,000-square-foot laboratory at Colorado State University’s biological science research complex.

Denver Post: “This is groundbreaking”: Canine clinical trial for potential cancer prevention vaccine underway at CSU

“This is the first trial ever conducted with the intent of trying to prevent a bunch of different kinds of cancer simultaneously,” said Dr. Douglas Thamm, director of clinical research at the Flint Animal Cancer at CSU’s James L. Voss Veterinary Teaching Hospital.

Rice bran supplementation may help curb malnutrition, diarrhea for infants in middle and low-income countries

Associate Professor Elizabeth Ryan said there is a great deal of rice bran produced around the world, yet it is often either wasted or used as animal feed.