Our world-renowned expertise in life sciences is rooted in collaboration. Our “team science” approach means we seek out connections - with fellow researchers worldwide and with foundation, corporate, and agency partners - that make our science stronger.

These collaborations transform basic research into clinical practice through translational medicine in order to deliver One Health solutions - vaccines, drugs, and diagnostic tools - that benefit animals, people, and the planet.

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2nd highest veterinary school in the nation for research funding from the National Institutes of Health (Blue Ridge Institute for Medical Research)
$126.7 million awarded for research in 2023
$71 million in research expenditures in 2023

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Foundational research is hard. Scientists are true pioneers of the 21st century. We stand at the horizon of discovery with no manual or textbook to reference when generating new ideas and how to test them. We simply climb on the shoulders of scientists who pushed forward the scientific frontier before us. Up to 90% of our experiments fail. But that makes that one experiment in ten that reveals something new all the more exciting and rewarding.

Dr. Mark Zabel, Associate Dean for Research

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Linked by Mycobacterium leprae: Red Squirrels Illuminate Medieval Leprosy Transmission

An international team, including CSU Mycobacteria Research Labs assistant professor Charlotte Avanzi, utilized archaeological findings to identify red squirrels in medieval England as hosts for Mycobacterium leprae.

Study explores mental well-being of zoo professionals

A study co-authored by Lori Kogan, professor of clinical sciences, explores the mental well-being of animal care and health professionals (ACHPs) in zoos.

Case Western Reserve Daily: Case Western Reserve University awarded federal contract to develop and commercialize ‘live’ replacement joints

The OMEGA team is a multi-center group led by Case Western Reserve and includes Colorado State University, The Ohio State University, Rice University and Washington State University.

Major international air pollution intervention co-led by CSU researcher moves the field toward solutions

Air pollution intervention project providing cleaner burning stoves in four countries will continue to assess health impacts on children through 2026

New study shows unique role of mitochondria in neuronal signaling

Neuroscience researchers uncover exciting ways neurons communicate in the processes of learning and memory formation

New study reveals cortical-to-brainstem circuit that reduces stress

Researchers identify a neural circuit connecting the prefrontal cortex to the brainstem and showed that activating it reduced fight or flight stress responses