Student Snapshot

Our veterinary students represent diversity in age, background, experiences, and more.

Statistics represent the current class of first-year veterinary students.

87% women, 13% men
age range 21-49
GPA range 2.8-4.0
5 countries and 26 states represented
22% underrepresented
Ethnicity/Race categories include
American Indian/Alaska Native, Asian,
Black, Hispanic, and Pacific Islander
42% from rural
Rural is defined as coming from a
hometown with a population of fewer
than 20,000
19% first
First Generation indicates that a
student's parents have not completed
a bachelor's degree
12 languages spoken:
Bulgarian, French, German, Hawai'i Creole English, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Taiwanese
Class size 149, 2,284 applicants
Highest degree at application: 7 associate, 80 bachelor, 9 master, 0 doctorate, 53 no degree; Highest degree upon admission: 2 associate, 80 bachelor, 9 master, 0 doctorate, 53 no degree
Number of times applied before admitted: 120 once, 23 twice, 6 three or more times