Student Ambassadors

Ask one of our student ambassadors a question. Our ambassadors are highly-motivated and passionate veterinary students, who are here to help you explore opportunities at CSU.

Dakotah Anseth

• I grew up in a small town in western Washington.
• Outside of class, you can find me playing softball, at the gym, or taking pictures of food that I make.
• My favorite holiday is Independence Day.

Alex Bailey

• I studied tiger tracking and conservation in Thailand.
• I performed an ovariectomy on a was hard!
• I love to talk about and understand my experiences being one of only black females in my class.

Alexandra Baker

• I love to get outside and go hiking and camping with my boyfriend and our two dogs.
• I lived in Uganda for three years prior to vet school.
• I grew up raising beef cattle and I want to pursue a career in large animal medicine.

Paige Bodner

• My dream pet is a mini pig.
• I lived in Baltimore for two years between undergrad and vet school doing neuroscience research (after growing up in Montana).
• I played college softball and was an assistant college coach after that!

Garrett Carrica

• I grew up in western Colorado and because of this have a great love for the outdoors. This includes biking, climbing, canyoneering, hiking, rafting, and really anything else that seems fun.
• Veterinary medicine is a vast field that one can enjoy and in my years at CSU, I have made the overall health of small animals my focus. I joke that my favorite part of veterinary medicine is interacting with the clients.
• Before veterinary school I had the opportunity to live in rural Texas teaching high school science through Teach For America.

Anne Carroll

• I love getting out on trails with my dog Cooper, whether it’s running, biking, or skiing.
• After graduation I plan to return to Montana and be a mixed-animal veterinarian.
• Sheep are my favorite species!

Clarissa Carver

• I love to run, read, ride horses, and cook.
• I grew up in northern Illinois.
• I am interested in equine and livestock medicine, nutrition, and helping to educate the public about veterinary medicine (especially in relation to food animals).

Cindy Chon

• I love painting, drawing, and graphic design, and even do portraits of my friends’ pets!
• I play ukulele and sing exclusively for my cat.
• I am an Arizona WICHE student and interested in internal medicine, surgery, small animal medicine, and working with small ruminants/camelids.

Melissa Chromik

• My background is in marine conservation, so I love the ocean! But the mountains are pretty great, too.
• I’m interested in pathology, research, teaching, and policy.
• I like making pottery, backpacking, and seeing live music (especially house, funk, and bluegrass).

Rachel Conway

• I love to read, paint, and hike in my free time.
• Over this past summer I climbed four mountains over 14,000 feet tall.
• Before I came to vet school, I worked with elephants at the Denver Zoo!

Sarah Deluty

• I love to bake, cook, and go hiking with my cat, Moose.
• I grew up in Singapore.
• I am interested in emergency practice, feline medicine, wildlife, and exotic animals.

Kelsey Dobesh

• My kitty’s name is Sheila. I got her when I was nine and she was a kitten, and she is officially in remission after treatment for GI lymphoma!
• I’m currently trying to visit all 50 states. Just made it to number 30.
• My great-grandfather was the original Smokey the Bear’s veterinarian!

Conner Dugan

• I was a metallurgical and materials engineer before coming to vet school.
• I am interested in practicing large animal medicine.
• I love to scuba dive, hunt, and ride my horses.

Caity Erickson

• My sister and I are trying to complete the 50 States Half Marathon Challenge together.
• I’m interested in emergency medicine, research, internal medicine and education.
• In my free time I enjoy trying out new recipes, working on my garden, crafting, and exploring Fort Collins.

Andrew Fugleberg

• I’ve worked at a Boy Scout camp for the past nine summers.
• I’m interested in small animal and exotic medicine.
• You’ll always hear me listening to Taylor Swift, Lorde, and Kesha.

Christina Geldert

• If I hadn’t decided I wanted to be a vet when I was seven years old, I would have gone to culinary school.
• I love to hike, read, paint, cook, and garden.
• I love honey bees and plan to pursue a career in academia with a focus on honey bee medicine, diagnostics, and pathology.

Alex Germano

• I went to South Africa for a summer in undergrad to practice wildlife and exotic medicine.
• I really love mac and cheese and anything pasta.
• I am a die hard New York Yankees fan.

Alisha Glass

• I have traveled to Puerto Rico, South Africa, Mexico, Belize and Ecuador to provide veterinary care.
• I love hiking, biking, boxing, camping and traveling and I backpacked the Grand Canyon from Rim to Rim to Rim in December 2015.
• I’m interested in zoo medicine, shelter medicine - especially high quality, high volume spay and neuter, exotics, surgery radiology.

Yoshua Goodman

• I am involved in student government, Surgery Club, the Veterinary Business Management Association, and I helped found JAVS: the Jewish Association of Veterinary Students.
• I love to travel, hike, rock climb, ice skate, play guitar, and eat sushi until I enter a food coma.
• I was born in Mexico City and I grew up in Las Vegas, NV. I became a U.S. citizen when I was nine years old. I’m a Nevada WICHE student.

Alex Hyman

• I love to travel, hike, snowboard, and volunteer.
• I took five years off between undergrad and veterinary school (no regrets).
• I am interested in wildlife and international medicine, small ruminants/camelids (alpacas!), and public health.

Sam Keum

• I hail from the beloved city of Cleveland, OH.
• I was a member of the University of Vermont’s CREAM Program and their show team.
• I am interested in livestock medicine (especially dairy medicine) and collaborating with the world of One Health.

Dilara Kiran

• I play the French horn in a community orchestra.
• I climbed a portion of the Great Wall of China in 2015.
• I am in the combined D.V.M./Ph.D. program, and have interests in lab animal medicine, biomedical research, science communication, and science policy.

Caitlin Kober

• I’m super passionate about music and try to keep up with singing and playing French horn while in vet school.
• I played intramural inner tube water polo all four years of vet school.
• I recently adopted an old Labrador and love elderly animals. I plan to incorporate this love into my future practice.

Collin Kramer

• I have a rescued betta fish named Miso.
• I love to travel and am up to 10 countries and 30 states so far.
• I enjoy hiking and the great outdoors in my free time.

Mai Le

• I am still figuring out what field I want to go into with a D.V.M. Indecision can be very entertaining!
• After graduating college, I spent four years working various jobs before coming to CSU.
• I love traveling and have lived in both Germany and the U.K.

Julianna Maynard

• I am an Air Force brat!
• I am a New Mexico WICHE student.
• I am interested in small animal and exotic medicine and would eventually love to practice wildlife medicine with a focus on conservation and increasing endangered numbers in the wild.

Isabella Mazariegos

• I grew up in Guatemala and my native language is Spanish. Fun fact: a person from Guatemala is called a Chapino/a.
• I am interested in shelter and international medicine, with a focus on public health. My goal is to eventually return to Guatemala to provide veterinary and medical care to populations who don’t usually have access to it.
• I am addicted to traveling. Next on my bucket list: backpacking through Patagonia!

Morgan Miller

• I’m passionate about diversity and inclusion and plan on incorporating this into my future career. I plan on going into general practice and eventually clinical teaching.
• I love to travel and try and go to a new state/country every year.
• I’m 60% Hufflepuff and 40% Gryffindor, also known as a Gryffinpuff. My cat’s name is Tonks and she is a slytherin.

Anna Pollard

• I have loads of pets, including sugar gliders and a dog that I brought back from Thailand!
• My favorite activity is traveling and I have been to over 30 countries.
• I am the most indecisive person in the history of the world so I still do not know what I want to do when I graduate but I LOVE chickens, public health, and small ruminants.

Kristi Quintero

• I love spending my free time outside and exploring Fort Collins.
• I have a rescued mini bull terrier who is crazy but a very important part of my life!
• Bears are my favorite animal and I had the opportunity to raise two of them!

Katie Redd

• I love the outdoors and enjoy hiking, running, skiing, and scuba diving!
• I am a classically trained singer and have been in choirs, performed in musicals, and sang in an a cappella group.
• I have a passion for shelter medicine and public health, and also happen to adore cats. I plan to combine all these passions into a future career as a shelter vet and also hope to lead international high quality, high volume spay and neuter efforts.

Michelle Salomon

• I lived with a host family in Japan for two months! I love traveling, exploring different cultures, and trying new food.
• In undergrad I tried to channel Inigo Montoya and joined the fencing team.
• I’m from Seattle so it took a while to adapt to all the Colorado sunshine. Pro tip: wear a lot of sunscreen.

Janna Smith

• I love all things Disney, and I have worked at Disney World for the past four summers. My goal after graduation is to take my stethoscope to Magic Kingdom and give Pluto his annual checkup and vaccines.
• I competed in college rodeo during my undergrad time at Northeastern Junior College and CSU.
• I want to be a mixed animal vet in a rural area. I love the southeastern part of the U.S., so hopefully I’ll end up in Kentucky, Tennessee, or Georgia (even though I was born and raised in Colorado).

Tim Vernier

• I am a landscape photographer in my spare time.
• I was born in Tokyo and am fluent in Japanese.
• My roommate and I adopted two cats that are blood donors at our university’s veterinary hospital.

Ilana Weisberg

• I have worked with exotic species from six different continents (my favorite to train was a wolverine named Olga).
• I am interested in emergency medicine and zoo medicine, preferably heading back up to Alaska to practice!
• In undergrad I helped run Hillel (a Jewish organization) and this year was one of the founders of JAVS (Jewish Associate of Veterinary Students) at CSU.