Nicole Luke

Veterinary Technician Veterinary Teaching Hospital


About Nicole

Nicole is originally from Las Cruces, New Mexico. Initially she worked in a progressive, upscale veterinary clinic, where she learned the ins and outs of veterinary medicine. In 2004, she moved to Northern Colorado to work in a veterinary specialty hospital refining her skills in orthopedic surgery. While Nicole has ventured into other fields, she always finds herself drawn back to the field where she belongs. It’s rewarding to help patients and a challenge to stay progressive in an ever-advancing profession. Nicole takes pride in educating and sharing her expertise with all those around her. The patients inspire her to learn every day. Nicole loves spending time with her furry kids, Kahlua and Marilynn. They enjoy hanging out with friends taking full advantage of the beautiful Colorado outdoors. You can often expect her to be out hiking, camping, or just enjoying a good ole drive thru the mountains. Nicole also enjoys kicking the ball around on the soccer field or bowling.


Registered Veterinary Technician