Jenell Chambers

Veterinary Technician II - CCU Veterinary Teaching Hospital

About Jenell

Jenell is originally from South Central Texas and has been working at vet clinics on and off since she was 16. Jenell spent a few years working as an EMS flight medic and earned two bachelor’s degrees from the University of Texas-San Antonio in microbiology and psychology. Jenell is currently working on her master’s degree in toxicology through the University of Florida. She started working at CSU in November 2021 and spent a year working in the critical care unit prior to rotating into the urgent care department. Jenell and her husband have three Australian Shepherds named Sam, Arkin, and Rosie. Jenell’s interests outside vet med—besides going to school! —include hiking and photography. Her favorite part of working in vet med is being able to see the amazing recovery some of our critically ill patients can make and being able to see them go home at the end of the day!