Jac Nickoloff

Professor - Radiation Cancer Biology Environmental and Radiological Health Sciences

443 MRB

(970) 491-6674

About Jac

Dr. Nickoloff is a Professor of Cancer Biology. The Nickoloff laboratory studies the molecular mechanisms that maintain eukaryotic genome stability in response to stress induced by DNA damage caused by low and high LET ionizing radiation and by genotoxic chemicals including cancer chemotherapeutics. Studies focus on DNA damage response networks including signaling pathways, checkpoint responses, chromatin regulatory systems and DNA repair pathways including homologous recombination and nonhomologous end-joining. Both yeast and mammalian cell systems are employed in studies involving the induction, mechanisms, consequences and genetic control of DNA damage responses. Dr. Nickoloff collaborates with scientists in Japan, England, Germany, the University of Colorado, the University of Nebraska and the University of Florida to improve our understanding of normal and tumor cell responses to radiotherapy and chemotherapy.


Ph.D. - Biochemistry, The University of Colorado, Boulder, 1983B.A. - Biochemistry, The University of California, Santa Barbara, 1978