Khursheed Mama

Interim Department Head Clinical Sciences


(970) 297-4124

About Khursheed

Dr. Mama developed her keen desire to work with animals while growing up in India where she was fortunate to have opportunities to ride horses and care for pet animals including dachshunds, guinea pigs and chickens. At the age of nine, while watching a procedure on a horse, she thought to herself, "surely we can do better," but wasn’t seeing great training opportunities close to where she lived. So, after finishing high school in India, she applied and was accepted to Washington State University where she completed both her undergraduate and veterinary degrees. The Palouse was a stark contrast to the city of millions she grew up, but she was grateful to still be able to ride horses and through that build many cherished friendships. Upon graduation and still holding onto the thought that she would be an equine veterinarian (despite having enjoyed her anesthesia rotations in veterinary school) she pursued a large animal rotating internship at the University of Guelph. It was there she became convinced her true passion was indeed anesthesia. Therefore, she pursued an anesthesia and critical care residency at the University of California, Davis and worked there for a few years before moving to Colorado State University where she has been a faculty member since 1996. She enjoys managing a variety of species while also teaching DVM and graduate students and has pursued research interests directed at improving patient care and safety. She feels fortunate that as part of her job she has had the opportunity to advance anesthesia and pain management through continuing education for veterinarians in many different venues both nationally and internationally.


DVM, Washington State University, 1989


Diplomate ACVA


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Research Specialty

Mixed Animal (large and small)