Susan Lana

Professor, Medical Oncology | Clinical Oncology Service Chief Clinical Sciences


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About Susan

Dr. Lana is professor of medical oncology and section head of the clinical oncology service at the Flint Animal Cancer Center. She also holds the Stuart Chair in Oncology. The focus of her research is to use the translationally relevant spontaneously arising canine cancer models as a means to improve cancer detection and treatment in humans and animals. She facilitates clinical trials both as PI and coordinator of consortia efforts of the NIH NCI Comparative Oncology Trails Consortia (COTC). She is also Director of the Animal Cancer Center Tumor Archive program, which collects biologic specimens for future research using animal cancers.


DVM, Colorado State University, 1993BS, University of Iowa- BS in Medical Technology, 1986MS, Colorado State University, 1997


Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine- Oncology 1997


Marcus et al "What Is Your Diagnosis? Extraskeletal osteosarcoma in a dog" RE: JAVMA-09-12-0795.R1Paoloni M, Lana S, Thamm D, Mazcko C, Withrow S. The creation of the Comparative Oncology Trials Consortium Pharmacodynamic Core: Infrastructure for a virtual laboratory. Vet J. 2010 Jul;185(1):88-9. Hahn KA, Legendre AM, Shaw NG, Phillips B, Ogilvie GK, Prescott DM, Atwater SW, Carreras JK, Lana SE, LaDue T, Rusk A, Kinet JP, Dubreuil P, Moussy A, Hermine O. Evaluation of 12- and 24-month survival rates after treatment with masitinib in dogs with nonresectable mast cell tumors.Am J Vet Res 2010;71(11):1354-61.Class II MHC expression predicts survival in canine b cell lymphoma Rao, S, Lana S, Eickhoff J, Marcus E, Avery P, Morley P, Avery A. JVIM submitted Nov 2010Warry E, Lana SE, Hansen R, Gustafson D. The pharmacokinetics of cyclophosphamide in dogs with lymphoma administered orally or intravenously. J Vet Intern Med accepted November 2010.Paoloni M, Mazcko C, Fox E, Fan T, Lana S, Kisseberth W, Vail D, Nuckolls K, Osborne T, Yalkowsy S, Gustafson D, Yu Y, Cao L, Khanna C. Modeling Rapamycin Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamic Relationships in dogs with osteosarcoma (COTC003) 2010 PloS ONE 5(6): e11013.

Research Specialty

Small Animal Exclusive/Predominant (including pet exotics)Clinical Specialty is small animal oncology. The focus of my research as a veterinary medical oncologist I currently participate in and facilitate clinical trials for a wide range of projects both as PI and coordinator of our trials and co nsortia efforts.