Enhancing the Effectiveness of Dairy Safety Training

Dairy farming is among the most dangerous occupations and accounts for a disproportionately large percentage of all injuries in livestock-related agriculture. The relatively recent shift towards industrialized dairy production has led to greater work demands, task specialization and higher rates of injuries and illnesses. Given the direct and indirect costs associated with workplace injuries and illnesses, it is essential to provide effective dairy farm safety training opportunities that are culturally congruent for immigrant, Latinx workers. Thus, this study sought to identify facilitators and barriers to safe work practices and adoption of training knowledge in Latinx agricultural workers.

Through a series of focus groups and surveys of dairy workers in Colorado, Dr. Noa Roman-Muniz and collaborators found that managers considered effective by workers were described as accessible, fair, knowledgeable and good communicators. Additionally, dairy workers who perceived their supervisors as being concerned with occupational health and safety reported greater job satisfaction.

Results from the focus groups and surveys guided the creation and pilot intervention of a video training program on best practices to minimize the risk of exposure to zoonoses on the dairy farm. Workers who completed the video training perceived the training as valuable and beneficial and showed positive changes in knowledge, attitudes and preventive behaviors. More information on this video training program is provided below.

Funding: National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)
Funding Period: 2011-2016



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Dairy cows eating from food trough

The video, “Practicas para mentener la buena salud en la lecheria” (Practices for staying healthy at the dairy farm), trains dairy employees on the prevention of zoonotic disease through interviews with nine dairy workers. Originally created in Spanish, an English version is also available.

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Project Investigators

Noa Roman-Muniz, DVM, MS

Principal Investigator

Professor, Director of Undergraduate Programs
Animal Sciences
Colorado State University

John Rosecrance, PhD, CPE


Environmental and Radiological Health Sciences
Colorado State University