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The HICAHS Annual Report provides a lay summary of center projects and research updates within our grant year.

Annual Reports are available dating back to 1991. If you would like to review a report not available here, please email a request to

Closeout Reports

HICAHS funding from the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health is awarded in 5-year intervals. Below are the research summaries submitted to NIOSH at the close of past intervals.

Recent Publications (2018 - present)

Agricultural Safety Education

Agricultural Safety Education: Formative Assessment of a Curriculum Integration Strategy
ML Pate, RG Lawver, SW Smalley, DK Perry, L Stallones, A Schultz. Journal of Agricultural Safety and Health 2019. 25(2): 63-76

Effectiveness of Utilizing an Evidence Based Safety Curriculum to Increase Student Knowledge
DK Perry, SW Smalley, ML Pate. Journal of Agricultural Education 2020. 61(3): 294-307

Bioaersols/Microbiome Methods

Detection of Viruses from Bioaerosols Using Anion Exchange Resin
JW Schaeffer, JC Chandler, M Davidson, SL Magzamen, A Perez-Mendez, SJ Reynolds, LD Goodridge, J Volckens, AB Franklin, SA Shriner, B Bisha. Journal of Visual Experiments 2018, 138

Dairy Operations

Occupational Safety and Health of Foreign-Born, Latinx Dairy Workers in Colorado
LM Menger-Ogle, F Pezzutti, AD Menger-Ogle, L Stallones, J Rosecrance, IN Roman-Muniz. Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine 2019. 61(1): 61-68

Personal exposure of dairy workers to dust, endotoxin, muramic acid, ergosterol, and ammonia on large-scale dairies in the high plains Western United States
M Davison, J Schaeffer, M Clark, S Magzamen, E Brooks, T Keefe, M Bradford, N Roman-Muniz, J Mehaffy, G Dooley, JA Poole, FM Mitloehner, S Reed, MB Schenker, SJ Reynolds. Journal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene 2018. 15(3): 182-193

Reliability of observational- and machine-based teat hygiene scoring methodologies
DI Douphrate, NB Fethke, MW Nonnenmann, A Rodriguez, D Gimeno Ruiz de Porras. Journal of Dairy Science 2019. 102(8): 7494-7502

Using mobile technology to increase safety awareness among dairy workers in the United States
A Rodriguez, GR Hagevoort, D Leal, L Pompeii, DI  Douphrate. Journal of Agromedicine 2018. 23(4): 315-326

Logging and Forestry

A Case Study in the Application of the Systemic Approach to Training in the Logging Industry
E Lagerstrom, S Magzamen, W Brazile, L Stallones, P Ayers, J Rosecrance. Safety 2019. 5(3): 43

Active Surveillance of Musculokeletal Disorder Symptoms in the Development of Safety Interventions for Professional Loggers
E Lagerstrom, S Magzamen, W Brazile, J Rosecrance. Safety 2019. 5(2): 23

Determinants of Safety Climate in the Professional Logging Industry
E Lagerstrom, S Magzamen, P Kines, W Brazile, J Rosecrance. Safety 2019. 5(2): 35

Rollover Protective Structures (ROPS)

Foldable rollover protective structures: Universal lift-assist design
PD Ayers, FK Khorsandi, MJ Poland, CT Hilliard. Biosystems Engineering 2019. 185: 116-125

ROPS Designs to protect operators during agricultural tractor rollovers
P Ayers, F Khorsandi, X Wang, G Araujo. Journal of Terramechanics 2018. 75: 49-55

Small Grants Programs Grantees

The Dangerous Middle: Situational Awareness and Worker Perception of Beetle Kill
TJ Durbin, CG Bendixsen, D Jensen-Ryan, A Molzer, S Strauss. Journal of Agromedicine 2019. 24(2): 157-166

Effects of Agricultural Organic Dusts on Human Lung-Resident Mesenchymal Stem (Stromal) Cell Function
TM Nordgren, KL Bailey, AJ Heires, D Katafiasz, DJ Romberger.  Toxicological Studies 2018. 162(2): 635-644

Socio-ecological Factors of Zoonotic Diseases Exposure in Colorado Dairy Workers
JE Palomares Velosa, MD Salman, IN Roman-Muniz, S Reynolds, L Linke, R Magnuson, CS McConnel, S Rao. Journal of Agromedicine 2020. In press.

Most Cited Publications

Most Cited Publications

The publications below represent the most cited work with funding (direct or leveraged) from HICAHS.

Urinary Pesticide Concentrations Among Children, Mothers and Fathering Living in Farm and Non-Farm Households in Iowa
B Curwin, M Hein, W Sanderson, C Striley, D Heederik, H Kromhout, SJ  Reynolds, M Alavanja. Annals of Work Exposures and Health 2006. 51(1): 53-65
Web of Science Citations: 105 

Depression and Pesticide Exposures among Private Pesticide Applicators Enrolled in the Agricultural Health Study
CL Beseler, L Stallones, JA Hoppin, MCR Alavanja, A Blair, T Keefe, F Kamel.  Environmental Health Perspectives 2008. 116(12): 1713-1719
Web of Science Citations: 68 

Muramic Acid, Endotoxin, 3-Hydroxy Fatty Acids, and Ergosterol Content Explain Monocyte and Epithelial Cell Inflammatory Responses to Agricultural Dusts
JA Poole, GP Dooley, R Saito, AM Burrell, KL Bailey, DJ Romberger, J Mehaffy, SJ Reynolds. Journal of Toxicological and Environmental Issues 2010. 73(10): 684-700
Web of Science Citations: 68 

Neurobehavioral and neurodevelopmental effects of pesticides exposures
L London, C Beseler, MF Bouchard, DC Bellinger, C Colosio, P Grandjean, R Harari, T Kootbodien, H Kromhout, F Little, T Meijster, A Moretto, DS Rohlman, L Stallones.  NeuroToxicology 2012. 33(4): 887-896
Web of Science Citations: 66 

Trade Publications

Recent Articles

National Dairy FARM Program - Workforce Development Resources

The latest component in the National Milk Producers Federation’s Dairy FARM (Farmers Assuming Responsible Management) Program is the Workforce Development silo.

This new initiative will provide dairies across the country with guidance and best management practices around human resources (hiring, training and supervision) and worker health and safety. The expanded suite of educational materials will help farmers who want basic human resources tools and safety practices for their employees to increase worker engagement, reduce employee turnover and manage liabilities from the safety risks of dairy farming.        — National Milk Producer’s Federation

The silo’s Safety Reference Manual was co-authored by HICAHS investigators and collaborators David Douphrate (UT Health School of Public Health) and Robert Hagevoort (New Mexico State University). It summarizes best practices based on research from HICAHS and other U.S. Agricultural Safety and Health Centers. Visit the FARM Workforce Development page to view this resource.