Mentor a D.V.M. Student

Help students build relationships within the veterinary community

Benefits to Students

Connect with students and impart wisdom, experience, real-world knowledge, skills, perspectives, and more.

What you can offer:

  • Career advice
  • Clear performance-based goals
  • Emotional support
  • Guidance in navigating professional and personal challenges
  • Increased competence, confidence, and self worth
  • Information and resources for practice management
  • Personal and professional exploration, discovery, and growth
  • Practical, hands-on clinical and laboratory skills
  • Tips for maintaining work-life balance
  • Well-being tips

Goals and Expectations

Define expectations

​Both the mentee and mentor should begin by establishing expectations of the mentoring relationship as soon as possible, because undefined expectations for the relationship may result in frustration and disappointment.

Establish communication

Communication methods and frequency of meetings should be agreed upon from the start.

Stay in touch

Either the mentor or mentee can step away from the mentorship relationship at any time, but staying in touch is encouraged.

Find a balance

Mentors may take on as many mentees as they deem appropriate, but are not expected to take on more than one mentee at any given time.

Roles and Responsibilities

To better understand expectations of the mentorship relationship, including roles and responsibilities for mentors and students, review the Mentorship Agreement. 

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