Translational Reproductive Biotechnology

The Translational Reproductive Biotechnology group focuses on integrating reproductive endocrinology and pathophysiology into clinical practice and application with relevance to improving animal and human health and reproduction.


The Translational Reproductive Biotechnology research group is built on decades of successful translational research with clinical application at the Animal Reproduction and Biotechnology Laboratory and the Equine Reproduction Laboratory. Supported by world-class faculty expertise, facilities and equipment, this group leverages our reputation with large animal clinical programs to enhance industry ties and develop new biotechnology techniques for clinical applications. The Translational Reproductive Biotechnology group will continue to build on relationships with human clinical programs and large animal biotechnology industries and foster innovation in biotechnologies to improve management of reproduction. The research areas listed below have the potential to benefit the health and well-being of both humans and animals by regulating reproductive capacity and developing diagnostic markers and treatments for diseases that will likely be effective in both humans and animals.

Research Areas

Develop new rapid, sensitive, and accurate diagnostic tests for assessing reproductive status, evaluating reproductive health, and facilitating reproductive management, including tests for prediction of ovulation biomarkers for viability, quality, and sex of early embryos.

Develop efficient methods of contraception or sterilization of male and female mammals.

Develop diagnostic tests and efficacious treatments for uterine bacterial and fungal infections, including biofilms.

Develop new technologies to improve natural or assisted reproductive success.

Group Members

Thomas (Tod) Hansen

Group Chair | Specialty: Establishment and Maintenance of Pregnancy; Fetal Development in Response to Maternal Infection; Translational Reproductive Biotechnologies

Jennifer Barfield

Specialty: Reproductive Physiology

Richard Bowen

Specialty: Infectious Disease and Reproductive Physiology

Elaine Carnevale

Specialty: Assisted Reproductive Technology

James Graham

Specialty: Male Reproductive Physiology

Jennifer Hatzel

Specialty: Assisted Reproductive Technology

Fiona Hollinshead

Specialty: Small Animal Reproduction

Patrick McCue

Specialty: Assisted Reproductive Technology

Terry Nett

Specialty: Reproductive Endocrinology

Izabela Ragan

Specialty: Infectious and Emerging Diseases

Dawit Tesfaye

Specialty: Molecular Regulation of Early Embryo Development​