Our Team


Russ Anthony

Specialty: Maternal-Placental-Fetal Physiology

Danny Baker

Specialty: Wildlife Research

Jennifer Barfield

Specialty: Reproductive Physiology

Angela Bosco-Lauth

Specialty: Infectious Disease and Veterinary Medicine​

Richard Bowen

Specialty: Infectious Disease and Reproductive Physiology

Jason Bruemmer

Specialty: Assisted Reproductive Technology

Caitlin Cadaret

Specialty: Stress Physiology

Elaine Carnevale

Specialty: Assisted Reproductive Technology

Colin Clay

Specialty: Molecular Endocrinology

Douglas Eckery

Specialty: Contraceptive Technologies

Toshihiko Ezashi

Specialty: Reproductive Medicine

James Graham

Specialty: Male Reproductive Physiology

Thomas (Tod) Hansen

Specialty: Establishment and Maintenance of Pregnancy; Fetal Development in Response to Maternal Infection; Translational Reproductive Biotechnologies

Jennifer Hatzel

Specialty: Assisted Reproductive Technology

Dean Hendrickson

Specialty: Equine Surgery

Fiona Hollinshead

Specialty: Small Animal Reproduction

Rebecca Krisher

Specialty: Reproductive Biology

Christianne Magee

Specialty: Reproductive Endocrinology

Rick McCosh

Specialty: Reproductive Neuroendocrinology

Patrick McCue

Specialty: Assisted Reproductive Technology

Terry Nett

Specialty: Reproductive Endocrinology

Pablo Pinedo

Specialty: Dairy Systems​

Dawit Tesfaye

Specialty: Molecular Regulation of Early Embryo Development​

Stuart Tobet

Specialty: Developmental Neurobiology

Hana Van Campen

Specialty: Veterinary Virology and Viral Pathogenesis

DN Rao Veeramachaneni

Specialty: Andrology and Reproductive Toxicology

Eric Weber

Specialty: Biotechnology

Quint Winger

Specialty: Genetic Regulation of Mammalian Reproduction

Ye Yuan

Specialty: Reproductive Biology


Shelley Heckendorf

Manager of Business Operations

Alex Arellano

Business Operations Support

Maura Link

Grant Proposal Coordinator

Brenda Martin

Human Resources Support

csu ram head on green background
Richard Brandes

Farm Manager

csu ram head on green background
Greg Harding

Assistant Farm Manager