Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), in conjunction with the CSU Health and Safety Consultation Program, have a special program to recognize achievements by employers in workplace safety and health. The program is called SHARP, the Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program. This Federal recognition and OSHA inspection exemption program is oriented towards small, high hazard workplaces. Participation is open to employers with fixed work sites of 250 employees or less.

Your business can be part of a very select group of Colorado employers who voluntarily take the steps necessary to ensure their employees’ health and safety. By developing a comprehensive health and safety management system that is the basis of SHARP, you will not only protect your workers, but also reduce workers’ compensation costs and insurance premiums, improve employee morale and increase productivity. These kinds of paybacks have been enjoyed by hundreds of small businesses across the nation. To help you get started, the CSU Consultation Program will provide free guidance and technical services.

To participate as a SHARP candidate you must:

  1. Undergo a free, comprehensive health and safety consultation survey of your workplace.
  2. Correct all hazards identified by the consultants within reasonable time frames.
  3. Establish and maintain the basic elements of an effective health and safety management system:
  4. Commit in writing to the CSU Consultation Program Manager and inform your employees that you are willing to work with the consultants during a challenge period to achieve SHARP success. OSHA inspection deferral for up to 18 months is available during the time you are working towards SHARP.
    • Management Leadership and Employee Participation in the development and operation of program
      policy, goals, objectives and activities oriented towards a true safety culture.
    • Worksite Analysis to identify and correct hazards, review injuries and identify trends.
    • Hazard Prevention and Control programs and procedures specific for your workplace.
    • Training in Safety and Health for employees, supervisors and managers.
  5. Notify the Consultation Program when major changes in processes or work conditions occur.
  6. Request a second comprehensive survey at the end of your challenge period to verify all SHARP
    requirements have been met.
  7.  Reduce and/or maintain your Days Away, Restricted, Transferred Rate and Total Recordable Case Rate
    below the national averages for your North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code.

Once you have completed the requirements, you will receive formal recognition from the Assistant Secretary of Labor, OSHA Region VIII and Colorado State University. Your company will be removed from OSHA’s programmed inspection lists for as long as you maintain active SHARP status. SHARP achievement also qualifies your company for additional Consultation services and the possibility of insurance premium reductions. SHARP recognition is an excellent marketing tool and positive image maker for your company and employees. Developing a self-sustaining health and safety program for your business and participating in SHARP is a win-win proposition for all.

For additional information, visit the OSHA SHARP page or contact us at (970) 491-6151 or

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