Consultation Process

Steps and What To Expect

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1. Request a Consultation

Health and safety consultation is a voluntary activity, as such you must request our services. To request a consultation, fill out the online request form or leave us a detailed message by calling us at (970) 491-6151. Using either of these methods will result in a consultant reaching out to you. During your conversation, the consultant will cover the employer rights and responsibilities, consultant responsibilities, and the consultation process.

Our free consultation services are intended for small businesses. To qualify, your business must have one or more employees but fewer than 250 at your site and fewer than 500 company-wide. We do not serve municipal, county, state, or federal government organizations.

Request a Consultation

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2. On-Site Visit

A date and time will be scheduled for an on-site consultation visit at your workplace. During the visit, an opening conference is held, a walkthrough survey and a health and safety program assessment are conducted, and a closing conference is held.

Meet Our Consultants

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3. Evaluation and report

Following the consultation visit, all collected information is evaluated and relevant research is conducted. This may include laboratory analysis if air samples are taken. A report detailing all findings and recommendations, including ways to improve your health and safety program, is prepared and sent to you.

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4. Correction of Serious Hazards

The report you receive will discuss all potential hazards and a number of these may be considered serious hazards. Corrective action on these serious hazards by the employer is a required part of the program. The employer and consultant set and agree to the time goals for correction of the serious hazards. Additional visits and/or collaboration during this time period are available as needed to assist you in your efforts of abating serious hazards.

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5. Follow Up

Once serious hazards have been corrected, you will be asked to assure us of your corrective actions. In a few instances, a return visit may be necessary, as for example, in cases of assuring healthful air quality.

Ready to request a consultation?

Use our request form to share information about your business and any specific health and safety concerns. Our staff will follow up to confirm your eligibility and start the process.

Request a Consultation