Emily Rout

Administrative Professional Microbiology, Immunology, and Pathology

230 Pathology


About Emily

I grew up in Pennington, New Jersey. I attended Colby College in Maine and graduated with a BA in biology in 2007. After college, I moved to Washington DC and worked at the National Institutes of Health within the Genome Research Institute in a hematopoiesis lab, studying a rare human bone marrow failure syndrome. I went to CSU for vet school and graduated in 2013. During vet school, I worked in labs studying biomarkers for regenerative anemia in the horse and canine lymphoma. I then went on to complete a one-year small animal emergency and critical care internship in Fort Collins. I started the combined clinical pathology residency and PhD program in 2014 and plan to continue to study lymphoma. I enjoy swimming, golf, skiing, cooking and running with my husband and two dogs, Addie and Henry.


B.A. Biology, Colby College , 2007Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine, Colorado State University , 2013


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