Impacts on COVID-19

The faculty, staff, and students of the Center for Vector-Borne Infectious Diseases within the Department of Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology at Colorado State University are actively working to address the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic for our community, the country, and the world.

We are conducting a multitude of projects to preserve the health of people, animals and the planet during this current pandemic by applying on our infectious disease expertise. Our researchers have prior experience with a variety of infectious diseases from both animal and public health perspectives, including other coronaviruses (SARS, MERS, feline coronavirus).

Existing collaborations, as well as new partnerships, are allowing our experts to contribute to a range of innovative COVID-19 solutions for the greater good.

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Tony Schountz

Bats as Vectors of Disease

Rebekah Kading, Tony Schountz

‘A Lot To Contribute’: CSU Helps Research Bats & Coronavirus – CBS4 Denver [02/20/2020]

‘Zoonotic Spillover and Emerging Viruses’ COVID-19 Webinar – Denver Museum of Nature & Science [08/03/2020]

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Living With Bats: International team studies bat ecology and epidemiology in Uganda – CSU Source [06/25/2021]

Warning against Ivermectin as COVID-19 Treatment

Brian Foy

Medical community warns against using livestock drug ivermectin for COVID-19 treatment – Fox 31 News [08/23/2021]

CSU Professor Brian Foy: ‘No doctor should be prescribing ivermectin for COVID’ – CSU Source [09/03/2021]

Rushika Perera

Testing Antivirals for Possible COVID-19 Treatments

Rushika Perera

Antiviral compounds against COVID-19 tested in secure labs at CSU – CSU Source [04/13/2020]

Rushika Perera, Sue VandeWoude land COVID-19 research awards from the Boettcher Foundation – CSU Source [05/15/2020]

COVID-19 Speaker Series: Therapeutics with Dr. Rushika Perera – CSU Alumni Association [12/09/2020]

7 CSU pandemic resilience projects to receive more than $1.4M – CSU Source [11/17/2021]

Brian Geiss

SARS-CoV-2 Viral Biosensor

Brian Geiss

Research team inks licensing deal for COVID-19 viral detection test – CSU Source [07/16/2020]

CSU Researchers Develop At-Home Coronavirus Test With Quick Results – CBS4 Denver [07/21/2020]

CSU Working on COVID-19 Testing – KOA News Radio [07/22/2020]

CSU researchers move home COVID-19 test forward – Coloradoan [07/27/2020]

CSU innovators break record with 69 new patents in the past year – CSU Source [10/29/2020]