Torin Pruneski

Student Researcher Microbiology, Immunology, and Pathology

DMC103 Diagnostic Medicine Center

About Torin

Torin Pruneski is a Masters student in Journalism with a concentration on science communication. Previously, they have graduated with a bachelor's in Microbiology with a concentration in infectious disease. They currently work under PhD student Katherine Kokkinias and Dr. Nicole Kelp in a social sciences' lab studying the topic of science communication. They are currently working on a paper which focuses on the pubix perceptions of microbes/microbiomes. Torin was first interested in Infectious Disease after a high school project about Rabies virus. Science communication became their hobby during various jobs thought their undergraduate degree. They decided to focus on the subject because of the COVID pandemic. They are excited to explore the varying fields of science communication through work and during their time in graduate school. Outside of college and work, Torin enjoys painting. They work in all media types and like to experiment in multimedia painting.


B.S. Microbiology, Colorado State University, 2023