Sherry Stewart

Clinical Sciences


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About Sherry

Subjects and professional interests include: histology: comparative, veterinary and medical; domestic animal anatomy; online teaching and learning; assessment and development of innovative teaching. Courses taught: VS331 Histology (undergraduate, online, offered to CSU and distance students fall, spring and summer semesters); VS333 Domestic Animal Anatomy (undergraduate, online, offered to CSU and distance students fall, spring and summer semesters); Medical Histology (online, offered to medical schools around the world); Veterinary Histology (online, offered to veterinary schools around the world); VM 618 Veterinary Physiology and Histology; VM 610 & 611 Foundations of Veterinary of Veterinary Medicine (Case Discussions).


DVM, Colorado State University, 1984BS, Colorado State University, 1975MS, Colorado State University, 1986


Professional Colorado Education Certificate (Secondary Education), Colorado State University 1987


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