Eric Monnet

Professor, Small Animal Surgery Clinical Sciences

A206 VTH

(970) 297-4450

About Eric

Dr. Eric Monnet graduated from veterinary school in Maisons Alfort, France in 1985. He worked for four years in a Paris private practice performing small animal medicine and surgery. In 1994, he completed a small animal surgery residency at Colorado State University and concurrently finished a Master of Sciences degree. In 1997, Dr. Monnet received his PhD in Clinical Sciences studying cardiac efficiency in dogs. In 2003, he became a fellow of the American Heart Association. Dr Monnet is currently a professor in small animal surgery (soft tissue) at CSU.


American College of Veterinary Surgeons
European College of Veterinary Surgeons


Dr. Monnet has authored more than 100 articles and 25 chapters in various surgical textbooks. Dr. Monnet was the founding president in 2001-2003 of the Society for Veterinary Soft Tissue Surgery and in 2002-2004 of the Veterinary Endoscopy Society. He is the editor of the textbook: “Disease Mechanisms in Small Animal Surgery” (3rd edition). He is the editor of the textbook “Small Animal Soft Tissue Surgery” (1st edition). He is also a co-editor of the textbook “Small Animal Thoracic Surgery”. Most Recent Publications:Scott J, Singh A, Monnet E, et al: Video-assisted thoracic surgery for the management of pyothorax in dogs: 14 cases. Vet Surg, 2017.Wilson D, Monnet E: Risk factors for the development of aspiration pneumonia after unilateral arytenoid lateralization in dogs with laryngeal paralysis: 232 cases (1987-2012). J AmVetMedAssoc 248:188-194, 2016.Tarvin KM, Twedt DC, Monnet E: Prospective Controlled Study of Gastroesophageal Reflux in Dogs with Naturally Occurring Laryngeal Paralysis. Veterinary Surgery 45:916-921, 2016.Monnet E: Surgical Treatment of Laryngeal Paralysis. Vet Clin North Am Small Anim Pract 46:709-717, 2016.Imhoff DJ, Monnet E: Inflation Pressures for Ex Vivo Lung Biopsies After Application of Graduated Compression Staples. Veterinary Surgery 45:79-82, 2016.Hartman MJ, Monnet E, Kirberger RM, et al: Effect of portal access system and surgery type on surgery times during laparoscopic ovariectomy and salpingectomy in captive African lions and cheetahs. Acta Vet Scand 58:18, 2016.Fox-Alvarez WA, Case JB, Cooke KL, et al: Temporary percutaneous T-fastener gastropexy and continuous decompressive gastrostomy in dogs with experimentally induced gastric dilatation. American Journal of Veterinary Research 77:771-778, 2016.Weder C, Monnet E, Ames M, et al: Permanent dual chamber epicardial pacemaker implantation in two dogs with complete atrioventricular block. J Vet Cardiol 17:154-160, 2015.Wallace ML, Case JB, Singh A, et al: Single Incision, Laparoscopic-Assisted Ovariohysterectomy for Mucometra and Pyometra in Dogs. Veterinary Surgery 44 Suppl 1:66-70, 2015.Shaughnessy M, Monnet E: Internal obturator muscle transposition for treatment of perineal hernia in dogs: 34 cases (1998-2012). J AmVetMedAssoc 246:321-326, 2015.Monnet E: Introduction. Veterinary Surgery 44 Suppl 1:1, 2015.Khademi S, Frye MA, Jeckel KM, et al: Hypoxia mediated pulmonary edema: potential influence of oxidative stress, sympathetic activation and cerebral blood flow. BMC Physiol 15:4, 2015.Imhoff DJ, Monnet E: Inflation Pressures for Ex Vivo Lung Biopsies After Application of Graduated Compression Staples. Veterinary Surgery, 2015.Imhoff DJ, Cohen A, Monnet E: Biomechanical Analysis of Laparoscopic Incisional Gastropexy With Intracorporeal Suturing Using Knotless Polyglyconate. Veterinary Surgery 44 Suppl 1:39-43, 2015.Hartman MJ, Monnet E, Kirberger RM, et al: Single-Incision Laparoscopic Sterilization of the Cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus). Veterinary Surgery 44 Suppl 1:76-82, 2015.Gonzalez-Gasch E, Monnet E: Comparison of Single Port Access Versus Multiple Port Access Systems in Elective Laparoscopy: 98 Dogs (2005-2014). Veterinary Surgery 44:895-899, 2015.Case JB, Boscan PL, Monnet E, et al: Comparison of surgical variables and pain in cats undergoing ovariohysterectomy, laparoscopic-assisted ovariohysterectomy, and laparoscopic ovariectomy. J Am Anim Hosp Assoc 51:1-7, 2015.Bleakley S, Duncan CG, Monnet E: Thoracoscopic Lung Lobectomy for Primary Lung Tumors in 13 Dogs. Veterinary Surgery 44:1029-1035, 2015.

Research Specialty

Clinical specialty: Small Animal General SurgeryClinical interest: Portosystemic shunts, Cardiothoracic surgery, Adrenal disease, Airway diseases, Minimally Invasive SurgeryResearch Interest: Heart failureTeaching interest: Minimally invasive surgery, general surgery