Grace Peters

Guest Associate Clinical Sciences


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About Grace

Dr. Grace Peters (PhD, Communication, University of South Florida) is an Instructor of Veterinary Communication at Colorado State University. Grace’s research uses qualitative discourse analytic approaches to examine how simulation-based learning sessions are a complex practice of communication and collaboration. Her work can be found in journals such as Teaching & Learning in Medicine, Communication & Medicine, and Qualitative Research in Health & Medicine. Her dissertation, "Communication Skills in Medical Education: A Discourse Analysis of Simulated Patient Practices," received the 2020 National Communication Association Top Dissertation Award from the Language and Social Interaction Division. Her current research (funded by the CVMBS College Research Council) examines simulation-based learning in veterinary education.


PhD, Communication, University of South Florida, 2020MA, Communication, University of South Florida, 2015BA, Communication, Florida College, 2013


Peters G. (2022). Metadiscourse in Simulation: Reflexivity of/as Communication Skills Learning. Teaching and learning in medicine, 34(1), 21–32., G. (2021). Metadiscourse, materiality and morality in communication skills training with simulated patients. Communication and Medicine, 16(3), 251–266., G. (2020). Communication Skills in Medical Education: A Discourse Analysis of Simulated Patient Practices [USF Tampa Graduate Theses and Dissertations].Peters, G. A. (2019). The role of standardized patient assessment forms in medical communication skills education. Qualitative Research in Medicine & Healthcare, 3(2).

Research Specialty

Communication EducationVeterinary Communication