Adam Harris

Assistant Professor Microbiology, Immunology, and Pathology

About Adam

Dr. Harris is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Microbiology, Immunology, and Pathology and a member of the Clinical Hematopathology Laboratory. He received his DVM degree from North Carolina State University in 2017 before coming to Colorado State University for his residency and PhD training. During his Clinical Pathology residency and PhD training, Dr. Harris found his passion for hematopathology and research. Since then, he has been investigating acute myeloid leukemia in dogs using advanced molecular techniques to discover potential underlying mechanisms to this aggressive blood cancer. Dr. Harris works to uncover similarities between human and dog acute myeloid leukemia via translational research, in hopes of finding novel therapies to improve outcome for both species. His current research employs a myriad of research techniques including cell culture, flow cytometry, bulk and single cell RNA-sequencing, and whole exome sequencing, to name a few. Additional areas of research interests include discovering mutations that drive clonal hematopoiesis in dogs and their impact in development of disease, gene expression and mutational profiling of hematopoietic tumors, and diagnostic assay development.


Ph.D., Pathology, Colorado State University, 2023Residency, Clinical Pathology, Colorado State University, 2021D.V.M., North Carolina State University, 2017B.S., North Carolina State University, 2013


Diplomate, Clinical Pathology
American College of Veterinary Pathology