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P. Boscan, J. Eickhoff, M. Moranville, J. Congdon, M. Rezende, D. Gibbons, H. Brzezowski, M. Asmus, J. Beac, Y. Bar-Am. Volume Calculation for Maxillary and Infraorbital Nerve Blocks in Cadaver Dogs. Submitted to Veterinary DentistryH. Ohmura, S.D. Stanley, P. Boscan, J.H. Jones. Changes in heart rate, heart rate variability and atrioventricular block during fasting in Thoroughbred horses. in press AJVR.Congdon JM., Marquez M., Niyom S., Boscan P. Sedation score and cardiovascular performance during intramuscular dexmedetomidine with and without atropine. in press JAVMA.K. Tam, M. Rezende, P. Boscan. Correlation between right atrium and jugular vein pressures in laterally recumbent horses. Submitted to VAA.Boscan P., Pypendop B.H., Siao K.T., Francey T., Dowers K., Cowgill L. and Ilkiw J.E. Fluid balance, glomerular filtration rate and urine output in dogs anesthetized for an orthopedic surgical procedure. AJVR 71(5): 501-7, 2010.P. Boscan, E. Monnet, K. Mama, D.C. Twedt, J. Congdon, E.P. Steffey. Maropitant an NK-1 Antagonist Decreases the Anesthetic Requirements During Visceral Stimulation of the Ovary in Dogs. in press AJVR.Boscan P., Rezende ML., Grimsrud K., Stanley SD., Mama KR., Steffey EP. Pharmacokinetic profile in relation to anaesthesia characteristics after a 5% micellar microemulsion of propofol in the horse. Br J Anaesth 104(3): 330-7, 2010.Case JB., Marvel SJ., Boscan P., Monnet E. Comparison of surgical time and postoperative pain among dogs following laparoscopic ovariectomy with one, two, or three instrument cannulas. in press JAVMA.R.L. Winter, J. Congdon, P. Boscan. Anesthesia Case of the Month. “Treatment of 3rd degree atrio-ventricular block with dobutamine and dopamine in anesthetized dogs” in press JAVMA.Rezende M.L., Boscan P., Stanley S.D., Mama K.R. and Steffey E.P. Evaluation of cardiovascular, respiratory, biochemical effects and anesthesia recovery in horses anesthetized with a 5% micellar microemulsion propofol formulation: single bolus and 3 hour continuous infusion. VAA 37(5): 440-450, 2010.J.M. Congdon, M. Marquez, S. Niyom, P. Boscan. Cardiovascular, Respiratory, Electrolyte and Acid-Base Balance During Continuous Dexmedtomidine Infusion in Anesthetized Dogs. Submitted to VAA.B.M. Alvillar, K.R. Mama, J. Congdon, T. Ferreira, P. Boscan. Effect of epidural and intravenous use of the NK-1 receptor antagonist maropitant on the sevoflurane minimum alveolar concentration (MAC) in dogs. Submitted to VAA.Boscan P., Monnet E., Mama K., Twedt DC., Congdon J., Eickhoff CE., Steffey EP. A dog model to study ovary, ovarian ligament and visceral pain. in press VAA.


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