Student Outcomes

Most of our graduates go on to professional programs while others choose to enter research, biomedical industries, surgical neuromonitoring, and academia.

Alumni careers: 20% attend veterinary school, 45% attend medical or osteopathy school, 8% attend physician assistant school, 5% attend dental school, 9% work in biomedical industries, 5% enroll in a Ph.D. program, 3% conduct research, 3% teach, 2% work in other professions
80 percent of graduates go on to professional school
4:1 student-to-human cadaver ratio
2:1 student-to-animal cadaver ratio

“ I would not be where I am today without my master’s in Biomedical Science from CSU. It opened doors for me that I hadn’t imagined possible.”

- Katherine Coleman

Class of 2019, Senior Research Associate

“ The MSB program prepared me very well for the rigors of professional school, giving me the knowledge, skills, and attitudes I needed to excel in medical school. The program also allowed me to expand my professional network, connecting with similarly motivated, industrious peers in an environment that values collaboration and teamwork. As a result, I have connections and friends in academia, healthcare, and industry from San Francisco to Boston. ”

- Derek George

Class of 2015, Neurosurgery Resident

“ I am so grateful that I completed this program! The level of preparation that I received here for veterinary school was astounding. I had a significantly easier time than my peers in many of my first-year classes after completing the master's coursework.”

- Lauren McKaig

Class of 2018, Large Animal Intern