Since 2002, the Clinical Hematopathology Laboratory has aided veterinarians in the accurate diagnosis of hematologic malignancies and furthered understanding of these diseases in canine and feline patients.

In 2021, the lab tested samples from more than 18,000 unique canine and feline patients from over 3,000 clinics. Cases like these help to better define breed trends in lymphoma and leukemia, factors involved in prognosis, and parallels between human and canine lymphoma.

The Clinical Hematopathology Laboratory is led by Dr. Anne Avery and supported by a team of technicians, graduate students, and research scientists, all of whom participate in the basic and clinical research performed by the laboratory in addition to providing diagnostic services.

Detecting lymphoma and leukemia

The Clinical Hematopathology Laboratory at Colorado State University diagnoses and studies canine lymphoma and leukemia.

12,462 flow cytometry assays tested in 2021
8,679 PARR assays tested in 2021
90,000+ unique patients tested since 2015