Graduate Student Placements

StudentDegreeDate GraduatedCurrent Position
Gayle W. TrotterM.S.1981Formally Professor in equine surgery, Colorado State University. Now private practice in Weatherford, TX
George MartinM.S.1983Private Practice, specialist in equine surgery
Alan NixonM.S.1983Professor in equine surgery, Cornell University
Kenneth SullinsM.S.1984Professor, University of Virginia, Marion DuPont Scott Equine Center
Alicia BertoneM.S., Ph.D.1986, 1987Professor and Truman Endowed Chair, Ohio State University
John YovichM.S., Ph.D.1986, 1988Vice Chancellor, Murdoch University (now retired)
Cathy GibsonM.S.1989Regulatory veterinarian, Australia
Scott GustafsonM.S.1989Professor, University of Oregon- Corvallis, OR
Jeff FolandM.S.1992Co-owner and specialist equine surgeon, Weatherford Equine Hospital, TX
Dan SteinheimerM.S.1995Specialist radiologist, Veterinary Clinics of America- Loveland, CO
Rick HowardM.S., Ph.D.1993, 1996Specialist surgeon private practice, Arizona Equine Medical, AZ
Fahd Al-SobayilM.S., Ph.D.1998, 2002Assistant Professor, King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Abigail DimockM.S.1997Currently a Ph.D. student, Equine Nutrition (Orthopaedic Related), Rutgers University
JoAnne Engel-FehrM.S.1997Specialist equine surgeon, Pilchuck Veterinary Hospital, WA
Becky WoodwardM.S.1998Graduate research on S-V Dagon Research Vessel, University of British Columbia
Tina AndersonPh.D.1998Director of Marketing, Purina
Chris KawcakM.S., Ph.D.1995, 1998Professor, Iron Rose Ranch University Endowed Chair in Musculoskeletal Research, Colorado State University
David FrisbieM.S., Ph.D.1996, 1999Professor, Orthopaedic Research Center, Colorado State University
Brigitte von RechenbergPh.D.1999Dean, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Zurich
Charles HubbelingPh.D.1999Private consulting
Guy BeauregardPh.D.1999Senior scientist/researcher for private industry
Andrew GreenM.S.1999Engineering manager for private industry
Elisha RenfrowM.S.1999Private consulting
Louise SouthwoodM.S., Ph.D.1998, 2002Associate Professor, University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine
Tara RuttleyM.S.2000Engineer for NASA
Carson ShellenbergerM.S.2000Engineer for private industry
Al KanePost-Doc2000Analytic Epidemiologist, USDA; Affiliate Faculty for Colorado State University's Center of Veterinary Epidemiology and Animal Disease Surveillance Systems
Julie DechantM.S.2000Professor, University of California Davis
Troy TrumbleM.S., Ph.D.1999, 2003Professor, University of Minnesota
Chengcheng LuiM.S.2001Continuing in school
Jana ReadM.S.2001Employed in quality control
Erin PetersonM.S.2001Faculty member, Department of Animal Science, University of Maryland
Anna DePalmaM.S.2002
Joel MilletsM.S.2002Employed by Osteotech, Allograft Company
Carolyn SkurlaPh.D.2002Assistant Professor, Baylor University
Awad Al-ZabenPh.D.2003Faculty member, Electronics Engineering Department, Yarmouk University, Irbid, Jordan
Sophie MorissetPh.D.2003Associate Professor, Department of Clinical Sciences, Université de Montréal
Thomas YoungM.S.2003
Colin ScrutenM.S.2004private practice, Alberta, Canada
Lea RempelPh.D.2004Post-Doctoral Fellow, University of Kansas Medicine School. Currently Research Scientist, United States Meat Animal Research Center, Clay Center, NE
Chris SorensenPh.D.2004Post-Doctoral, National Mass Spectrometry Facility, Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory and Biological Sciences Division, Pacific Northwest Notional Laboratory, Richland, WA
Brandon SantoniPh.D.2006Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, OBRL, Colorado State University
Katja DuesterdieckPh.D.2006Assistant Professor, Oregon State University
Marti Shearin (Drum)D.V.M., Ph.D.2006Assistant Doctoral Fellow, University of Tennessee
Valerie PerinoM.S., Ph.D.2001, 2006Completed Ph.D., Equine Orthopaedic Research Center, Colorado State University
Sam HendrixM.S.2008Equine Practice, Utah
Ty WallisM.S.2008Equine speciality practice, Texas
Erin ContinoM.S.2009Assistant Professor, Equine Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation, Colorado State University
Ryan CarpenterM.S.2009Equine practice, Southern California
Jennifer AntonniciPh.D.2010University of California San Diego
Christina LeePost-Doc2010
Myra BarrettM.S.2011Associate Professor, ORC, CVMBS, Colorado State University
Melissa KingD.V.M., Ph.D.1997, 2011Professor, Equine Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation, Colorado State University
Katrina EastonD.V.M., Ph.D.2011University of Sydney
Carrie AdrianPh.D.2011Director of Rehabilitation Services, VCA Animal Hospitals
Katie SeabaughM.S.2011Associate Professor, Equine Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation, ORC Veterinarian, Colorado State University
Lacy KammM.S.2012Equine Surgeon, Veterinary Associates, Auckland, New Zealand
Brad NelsonM.S., Ph.D.2013, 2017Assistant Professor of Surgery, Colorado State University
Valerie MoormanPh.D.2013Associate Professor, Equine Medicine and Surgery, University of Georgia
Ali DanielM.S.2014Private referral practice, Florida
Josh DonnellM.S.2015Partner, Equine Sports Medicine LLC, Pilot Point, TX
Aimee ColbathM.S., Ph.D>2015, 2019Assistant Professor of Surgery, Cornell University
Ellison AldrichM.S.2016Equine Surgeon, Faculty, Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand
Frances PeatM.S.2017Ph.D. student, Colorado State University
Sherry JohnsonM.S.2018Private Practice, Texas
Lynn PezzanitePhD2021Assistant Professor,
Equine Surgery & Lameness, ORC, Colorado State University
Juan Estrada McDermottM.S.2021Industry, Costa Rica
Ah Young KimM.S.2021Private Practice, South Korea
Holly StewartPh.D.2021
Hayley SullivanM.S.2022Private Practice, Kentucky
Bethany LiebigPh.D.2022DVM Candidate, Colorado State University
Alicia YocomM.S.2022Private Practice, California
KT StewardM.S.2022Private Practice, Montana
Charlotte BartonM.S.Present
Lauren SmanikM.S.Present
Tom O'BrienM.S.Present

Surgery Residents Supervised (and Outcome)

ResidentYears of ResidencyDate Achieved Board Certification in the
American College of Veterinary Surgery
G.W. Trotter1979-19811983
A.J. Nixon1980-19831985
G.S. Martin1980-19831986
R.M. DeBowesPhase III, 1983-19841985
K. Sullins1981-19841986
J.V. Yovich1983-19861987
A.L. Bertone1983-19861988
K.J. EasleyPhase II, 1986
Phase III, 1986-1987
C. KoblukPhase III, 1987-19881990
K.T. Gibson1986-19891990
S.A. Gustafson1986-19891990
M.J. Reeves1986-19891990
D. FrenchPhase III, 1988-19901992
J.F. Foland1989-19911994
R.D. Howard1990-19921994
C.R. Ray1991-19941998
C.E. Kawcak1992-19951996
D.D. Frisbie1993-19961999
L. Southwood1995-19982000
T. Trumble1996-19992000
J. Dechant1997-20002001
J. Alldredge2000-20032004
C. Scruton2001-20042004
E. Farstvedt2002-20052005
S. Hendrix2003-20062006
J. Joyce2005-20072007
T. Wallace2006-20082008
R. Carpenter2007-20092010
A. McCoy2008-20102011
K. Seabaugh2009-20112013
L. Kamm2010-20122013
B. Nelson2010-20132014
A. Daniel2010-20142015
A. Colbath2012-20152016
E. Aldrich2013-20162017
I. Devick2014-20182019
L. Pezzanite2015-20182019
S. Lawless2016-20192020
D. Koch2017-20202021
L. Smanik2018-20212022
K. Steward2019-2022
T. O'Brien2020-present
C. Barton2021-present

Equine Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Residents (and Outcome)

ResidentYears of ResidencyDate Achieved Board Certification in the
American College of Veterinary Sports
Medicine and Rehabilitation
D. Ferris2010-20132015
E. Contino2011-20142015
J. Donnell2012-20152016
P. Manchon2013-20162017
F. Peat2014-20172018
S. Johnson2015-20182019
J. Danglish2016-20192020
S. Colla2019-Present
H. Sullivan2019-Present
A. Yocom2019-Present
G. Solum2021-Present
A. Esselman2021-Present