Sandra Larson

Clinical Sciences


(970) 297-4068

About Sandra

Sandra is proud to be a part of oncology's clinic coordinator team. She helps facilitate, coordinate, and track the new client/new patient experience for oncology. She also helps provide primary response, or facilitate clinicians' responses, to 2,000+ annual remote consultation inquiries to her team. Along with her colleagues, she helps to provide a responsive, caring, and reliable point of contact for pet owners and referring providers seeking care for their pets/patients: answers questions, reduces barriers to timely care by identifying and addressing information gaps across financial, clinical, scheduling, and geographic/travel needs. She assists referring providers with connecting patients to oncology, including internal referrals from other specialty departments. She also helps manage high-volume, one-point-of-access oncology email serving the public and the oncology team. She proactively helps reduce administrative and process pain points for clinicians and technicians so they can focus on efficiently delivering their expertise for patients and clients.


Master of Science, Colorado State University, 2009Master of Arts, University of Connecticut, 1992Bachelor of Arts, University of Connecticut, 1990